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Decaf and Halfcaf

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About the coffee

Always roasted in small batches
Each coffee is carefully selected and sourced. We only use specialty grade green coffee beans that have been processed naturally. All of the decaf coffee has been decaffeinated with either a water process, such as Swiss or Mountain Water, or with the EA process. We carefully roast each batch of coffee for you with a roast profile that brings out some of the best tasting notes of each origin. Blends are thoughtfully made as well. These combine coffees from a few different origins that work well together. This is especially true for those of you who like espresso! Imagine having a carefully roasted bag of halfcaf espresso. You could have a late afternoon double shot of espresso and not worry about staying up too late at night! I have you covered! We guarantee you will be impressed with the quality and flavor. No more will your decaf options be limited. Cheers!

Buy Online

You can purchase coffee online and every order will be roasted and packaged the same day. Each package will then be mailed USPS Priority to you.
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Third Wave Water

We've recently partnered with Third Wave Water and offer free shipping on this product and when you bundle with any coffee you purchase!
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The Mission

Specialty Coffee for the People
We offer delicious small batch roasted decaf and halfcaf coffee for those who are conscientious about caffeine. There will also always be a few regular (fullcaf) coffees too. Specialty grade coffee is for everyone (and not just coffee snobs). It isn't much more expensive than anything you could buy in a grocery, and it's simple and easy to brew at home. Take a minute in your daily routine to savor and enjoy great coffee!
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"I started with the Honduran honey process decaf first and...I fell in love. Crisp, clean, a bit tart, and SO naturally sweet! Tasted like I added toasted brown sugar to my cup. Unreal."

— C. King
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About Decaffe Republic

In late 2016, Nick Cannistraci was attending grad school. Drinking copious amounts of coffee was his way of life and his solution for keeping up with a busy lifestyle as he was also working several part time gigs. One day his lifestyle and caffeine consumption caught up to him, it would seem, as he experienced some unpleasant side effects. He tried various changes but none worked as well as cutting back on caffeine. This was quite difficult to do as this meant giving up on coffee. Nick was also something of a coffee aficionado. There seemed to only be one compromise. So he tried switching to decaf. Fast forward to 2021, and Nick is still drinking his decaf. Many others drink decaf coffee as well. Decaf coffee is a great way to enjoy the taste of coffee and lose the side effects of caffeine. Coffee should be enjoyed and savored. In fact, we believe that coffee can be a way to relax and slow down. Enjoy some decaf and fresh air, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Secure Payment

We accept Visa, MasterCard®, PayPal
When it comes to purchasing anything online, the security question towers above everything else. Our store’s overall cyber security and particularly the billing process security is something we do not take lightly. All of your shopping here will be a fun and safe experience. If you have any difficulties in the checkout process, you can always address our customer support department with your billing questions.
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Customer Info and Return Policy

Payment, shipping, and returns
We ship to the United States and Canada. Each order is roasted fresh and packed with love, so please allow 3-8 business days for your order to be processed, packed, and delivered. Note that all prices on our site are listed in USD. Please also note that all sales are final. We can’t accept returns on coffee due to its perishable nature. However, we really want you to be happy with your purchase. If you have any issues with your coffee, or if there are errors in your order, please contact within one week of receiving your order. We’re happy to help you find something you’ll love!
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Contact Us

Comments. Questions. Compliments. Give us a shout!
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PO Box 1935 Elkton, MD 21922
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